alright so ive been debating this for a while. My friend is selling his Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar with Floyd Rose Tremolo for $275 but i found a Agile AL-2000 a while back for $290 and i did some research and found that most people swear they are the bes les paul copy guitar



can anyone help me out
i don't know much about either, but the agile looks to be higher quality, and i've heard good things about agiles.
however, if it came down to color, the epiphone looks nicer.
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if you bothered to pay attention the link for the eppi says it is dicontinued so that leaves the agile and agile's seem to be liked here
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black with gold hardware

thats what i want to get but i heard gold tarnishes easily
black W/ chrome hardware
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thats what i want to get but i heard gold tarnishes easily

Chemically, that's incorrect. It probably will wear off pretty fast though
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i also heard that licensed floyd rose tremolo are real bad would i have to upgrade it
the Agile 3000 is better, might be a really good investment.
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the Agile 3000 is better, might be a really good investment.

yeah but i really want a guitar with a floyd rose in it.....and ive always liked les pauls
get the agile. the floyd in it isnt that bad but if you star lifting the guitar by it then its not gonna last to long. but if you use it here and there it should last a few years. and when the gold does tarnish just replace those parts with better ones.
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After having my agile for about a week now, I can tell you exactly what to look forward to.
The strings they use SUCK, change em the day you get your guitar.
Expect to give the guitar a full setup (a given with most new guitars these days).
Expect a feeling of "wow this is a nice guitar" and answering the question "What you pay for that, $1000? " often. (No joke, I've been asked that question, reworded, at least 5 times this week.)