The otherday I picked up a Damien 6 fr for 265 dollars. I got home to find that it needed a few adjustments because the notes on the high b and e string were dead around the 5-7 frets. I got everything adjusted and now it plays extremely well in comparison to my Ibanez s470. I really like the emgz and the bat inlays along the frets. I would like to know if any of you know how schecter sets these guitars up in the factory. What strings and what action etc. I'm using 9-46 and my action is set about 2.5mm from 12th fret on low E and and 2mm on high E. I can't go any lower on the high e without getting dead notes. I still have some minimun fret buzz around 7-9 frets on the low strings. Seems like I get fret buzz if I dont have my string hight around 3mm on low strings.
when i got my damian, everything was set up 100 percent perfectly. i didnt find any fret buzz. im pretty sure the strings on it were 10's, and the action was just about as low as it could go...
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Schecter actually works on the guitars post-factory, like they give them a full setup and crown and level and dress the frets.
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They use D'addario 10-52s.
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