I just joined this furom and wanted to say hello. I just started playing the gutair this January and I am having a ball with it. I do have a couple of questions. I was trying to play the intro of Metallica Fade to Black and I was having a hell of a time reaching the frets. My hands are not big enough. So my question is can you buy a guitar with different spacing of the frets or is thisa standard thing
Just practise, the key to everything, as your finger strength gets up you will be able to reach the frets easier!
You cant get guitar with different fret spaces per se, as it is the frets and the spaces between them that determine the note being played. What you can do however, is get a 3/4 length guitar, which will be, as the name describes, 3/4 the length of a regular guitar.

I would stick at it with the full size one though. You are only playing for not even 2 months. Have patience and give your hands time to adjust to the spacings, you will be surprised by how much you will be able to stretch them if you give it time. Try asking here for some more help.

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