Alright well I just got the game and im wondering how i get started.. I am just walking around it seems like with nothing to do .. How do I get started on missions and stuff?
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You go to places marked by a letter on the radar.

If you've just started then the you need to go to see Roman which is indicated by the "R"
Do a barrell Roll?? I think just using your map in all srus'ness should help you out.
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People still play this?

Also, Google....

I'm half way through completing it for the 3rd time!

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People still play this?

Also, Google....

I'm still playing it but that's because I've got the PC version and my PC can't handle it well so it gets tedious to play after a while.
It can't really be that hard to figure out.
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That's, I just borrowed a copy from my brother today. Give me your gamertag and we'll do free mode.
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find the R on the map, thats Roman...ya know...your Fat Obnoxious Cousin!

You will learn to hate him...
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