This is a subject I very much like ranting about. Do people not know that using Limewire is wrong!? You are effectively stealing from your favorite musicians and their record companies. The music business is in such a state because of this. Could you not just have a bit respect and buy your music? There is only one excuse for using Limewire, if you are 100% definately going to buy the album later. I want to see your opinion on this, and the recession is NOT an excuse!
Don't care.
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Limewire is for Noobz.
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Forgive the bluntness, but what in the chucklefucking hell is this?
It isn't stealing at all.
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I use frostwire. 10x less viruses and 10x more sources.

Win win.

That's just for the odd song, I'd never download a full album.
If I got it off limewire, what the point in buying the music aswell

I dont care.. I'll keep illegally downloading music whilst I can do it easily

so Fuck you.
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ii download a few tracks every once in a while
i have 86 downloaded songs, while i have 3378 songs i payed for. i dont care that i downloaded music and if i was a famous artist i wouldnt care if people download some music of mine.
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^^^ So much win, omg.
I haven't used Limewire in years...

But seriously, I can't get the music I like any other way unless I want to get a train to Brixton or a plane to Jamaica. Ever tried finding some good roots reggae that isn't Bob Marley or some good dancehall in a highstreet shop TS?
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