My brother feels like he needs to play guitar now, but me and my family can't afford anything that expensive. I want to get him a solid body electric to teach him on, any recommendations for cheap?

-You guys rock in advance
Oh what other than a Squier strat and a little orange crush 3?

That would put you at like what? 200?

Or find a even cheaper MiC Squier COPY. (They exist, believe me) and some random amp. Find a second hand frontman or something.

Pawn shops work too.
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you could put him through the depression of a squier strat their only about 90-100 dollars
http://www.rondomusic.com/sstse3ts.html hey its an extremly cheap guitar, but it's just as good as a squire, and only 80 bucks...
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It depends on what he wants to play, ask him and then come back?

Anyway, strats for music with a lot of clean jangly guitars, SGs for a lot of classic rock and warmer acoustic tones and stuff, and one of the cheap Ibanezes for metals, just a starter's guide.

I have one. It's versatile as hell! It seems (and feels) cheap, but after modding it to hell and back, it plays better than most other guitars I have played. But even before modding, it isn't THAT bad, especially for the price. If he likes it, instead of buying a new guitar, he can just make upgrades to that one.

Seriously, after a new body (optional), new pickups, an Original floyd and proper setup, it plays like a >$1,000 guitar. I mean it.

If he doesn't like the floyd, block the bridge and don't use the locking nut.
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my brother is a metal head, but he says eventually he would want to play everything.

maybe a cheap schecter?
anything schecter, the low-end stuff they have great low end stuff.
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get him a new squire or a used dean VX
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