Hey, I posted this in the acustic forum by accident. I am new to the guitar, but I have learned the minor pentatonic. I was just wondering what are some simple 12 bar blues I could play without barre chords because I havent gotten those down yet. Basically, I just want to be able to play a 12 bar blues and throw the scale in there as well... any tips on lessons for this or advice would be great!

are you looking for specific songs, or just general tips on a 12 bar blues, or what?
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yes, as well as E so long you use a B7 instead of a B bar chord

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for bluesy rock (which is probably what you want) look at some clapton, sunshine of your love idk.
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allrite thanks - I am a beginner, like two months, learned teh scale, learned some rhythm, I just want to be able to sit down, play some 12 bar blues and throw in some scale work too - Thanks for the advice I will play around with those. Not look specifically for songs, but just some techniques or lessons
yeah, i actually go to justinguitar daily, haha - I have learned his turnaround/starts, his 12 bar blues... but i just cant seem to fill in where the 12 bar blues end and how to transition back into it... I dont know, maybe I am being kind of basic in my questions... im just trying to keep a 12 bar blues goin with some solo's type thrown in... I guess I will just have to play around a little more and hear what sounds right