I have one similar to the first one, as far as body shape is concerned. But now the model I have is discontinued and they use Fishman pickups in their news ones, which is totally unfair. My Ibanez has the same electronics and pickup as the second.

The first one will sound brighter, it's true, but it still also be a lot quieter unplugged, and I found that I didn't play mine plugged in as much as I thought I would, out of convenience. After a while, you may grow to hate the blue (like I have) of the first and yearn for a normal "wood color" guitar.

Still, if I had to make the choice between these two, I think I'd still go for the first one, and definitely if that wasn't the only color.
I guess I won't tell you that they're junk, but be very aware that the electronics breaking is an extremely common problem with Ibanez.
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