I have been thinking about it for awhile now, but I really want to put active EMGs into my Vintage Dean ML bass. It might sound like overkill t some, but I think I would love it oh so much. Do you think that it would be difficult to do? I think there is room for a battery to fit.

And this reminds me of what a friend of mine said about an active bass before
"It uses batteries? That thing must suck"
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It's not something that hard to do and if the battery does not fit you can always route a cavity for it which would not take that long hehe.

Though that. I think passive basses some better and more full. But that is just me talking :P

You have a sweet bass guitar. And active does not means it sucks (warwick and musicman sucks? Think again lol).
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It's not that hard, if there is room for the battery you just need to remove the passive electronics and replace with active. Assuming you can solder it should be pretty easy.