I'm stuck, I don't know what I should be learning.

I'll give you a idea of what level I'm at.

Songs I can play:
Cat Scratch Fever
Double Vision
Some of 18 and life

Chords I know:
G, C, D, A, F, E, A minor, E minor, D minor
A7 and E7

Scales I know:
Position 1 Major Scale (or E major)

I practice the finger dexterity exercises quite a bit, I can go up and down the board at around 150 BPM.

What should I start doing now?
Barre chords and other scales (is it just # major is open position you know atm?) would be my suggestion
yeah if you know your A maj, E maj and the 7ths and minors that go with them you can change the key by shifting around with barre chords. btw check some theory on how chords are made. they are really helpful.
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Start learning music theory. It really opens alot up once you get it.

+1 some theory is always useful to have up your sleeve