I just recorded a song inspired by a jam by John Frusciante, Flea, and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and a Nels Cline song called "Prayer Wheel". Both the jam and that song have a circular feel to them, where you seem to just go up, and back down, and circle around, again, and again so I tried to do something kind of like that. It's rough, and I threw it together in the span of an hour, so here it is.



Hey that Mandala is a cool song even if it does sound like a hybrid rip-off of Ouroborous and Tetragrammaton

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I didn't consciously do that. The thing in the beginning of Mandala is my cellphone receiving a text message when it's near a computer or amp. :p

Is that all that you meant?
Yeah that's what i was referring to about Ouroboros, sounds cool though so i'll let you off

But now listening to Catacombs i am pretty amazed at the awesomness of that intro especially!

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That took me so long to do. Figuring out what the guitar parts were backwards, playing that and timing it right, then reversing it.

But the end result was nice! I think it sounds like violins or some kind of synths ya know?