I'm really digging the Virtual Solo as a bridge pup and the Cruiser as a neck pup. Do you have any experience as to whether those would match well and if so what would go well as a middle pup?

I like to play rock in general. I'm not much of a metalhead at all, although sometimes I like metal ish distortion, but I greatly prefer a much more vintage crunchy type distortion. I also like the quack settings of 2 and 4 on the selector switch on a clean sound so if I'd like to know if I could still get that or not.

Distortion wise the sound I'm going for is really sludgy down low for rhythm and then solid, round highs.

Clean I want my quack.

Any insight appreciated.
sounds like the same kind of tone id like, im interested to hear about this too, anyone got any insight as to whether these will work?

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I love DM Virtual Vintage PUs in my Alder, Ash, and Basswood Strats. You need to find clips for the Solo,and while you're at it, check out the Blues and Heavy Blues. Depending on the amp you're using, your settings, etc. it's difficult at best to describe PU sounds. The VV series sounds right to my ears for the type of music you wrote.

doesnt yngwie use dimarzios in his strats?
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