I am on a budget of about $1000-1500, and within reason of that.
I am currently in a band, playing mainly hard rock and metal styles, with a few small shows lined up and recording coming up soon.
Presently, I own an Epiphone Les Paul Studio guitar. Not the nicest tone, or appearance, and getting kind of sick of it. I'm using a Marshall MG50 amp.
I want to know which choice would be wiser :
1, Go for a new guitar. I'm currently looking at the prospect of an ESP EC-1000.
2, Go for a change in the pick-ups (maybe EMGs?) for my Epiphone, and use the rest of the budget towards a new amp (type to be determined)
Suggestions ?

Bugeras not available around here, and the band encorporates quite a bit of cleans. Hopefully that's helpful , as well.
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new amp, 200 for pups, 1300 for amp

try getting a bugera 6262, 333xl or look for a used peavey 6505
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yes yes. If you play more metal core get the 6505 or 6262, but if your into any other stuffs, i would recommend the 333xl. and EMG's are ****. get bareknuckles.
update :
we have quite a bit of cleans in the band music, and bugeras aren't available around here..
6505 ftw. Also if you play cleans are you sure you want EMG's (active) what about some seymour duncans or other passive alternative?
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At least that's one direction that would work. So will many others though.

EDIT: WTF's list, XXX, JCM800 or 900, 6505 etc etc etc.
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i dont think i 6505 will work for your band. its cleans lack, and the type of gain may be somewhat harsh.
can u give us an example of what kind of tone your looking for (band examples)? and which brands are readily available in your area?
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Quote by devit
new amp, 200 for pups, 1300 for amp

try getting a bugera 6262, 333xl or look for a used peavey 6505

new amp for sure.. then maybe pickups if they're still needed

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don't get EMG's or a 5150/6505 if you want decent cleans
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Maybe consider a used Peavey JSX combo. I would rather just spend the whole budget to find the right amp, and worry about pickups later. If you find an amp that's right for you, you may find that new pickups aren't that big of a priority anyways.
i would say a triple x/jsx head and a 412.... maybe a marshall 1960v or even..... VADER!!!
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