im thinking of getting a roadie job for the summer, i dont care if its travel or not, anyone know how about doing this?
Don't bother.


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What is the point of having a forum then if ANYTHING can be googled?

Yeah, I agree. Google should be checked, but questions like this are appropriate for this site (imo).
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What is the point of having a forum then if ANYTHING can be googled?

How many people in the Pit do you think actually have had a job as a roadie?
This is something I'd like to know about as well. I'm watching this thread.
Dude, you've seen too many movies.

lol, just messin with you. But good luck finding a band.
Too many movies is right...Being a roadie doesn't seem like all that great of a job (I see a lot of them at my job). I think it's made even worse if you're traveling- think about it, you pretty much live in a bus (if you're REALLY lucky) with a bunch of other guys and you might get to shower once a week...Whenever you get where ever it is that you're going you (being new) will have to help do load in (unload the trucks) and load out...I think (or at least hope) you get the idea.
Man, it would be the most fucking epic thing ever being a roadie. I'd roadie for Hammerfall or Rhapsody Of Fire anyday.
You do not want to be a roadie.
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I remember that

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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

being a roadie is generally a shit job, I would only get into it if you want to pursue a career as a professional guitar tech or something of that nature.
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