My first guitar, as with a lot of people I'm sure, was a Squire Strat. I love it. It's what I learned just about everything on, so there is no way that I will ever get rid of it. Now, with that said, I would really like to rebuild it into a better sounding, and playing, guitar. What should I replace to achieve what I'm looking for? I want a good blues sound from it so I know I should replace the pickups. Would anything else help the sound any? Is it even worth going through the trouble to fix up?
I'd go with a wilkinson bridge, new pickups and wiring, a graphtec nut, and maybe locking tuners.

You can end up with a really nice guitar - depends on how much money you want to spend on it.
Replace the electronics, they're pretty crap. Nut, bridge. TUNERS.
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What pickups would you recommend for a good blues sound? I've been playing guitar for a while now but I never really got into all the different parts of the guitar, just playing.
You can get some Lace Sensors. The gold set will pretty much set you up with that but you can always come up with different combinations depending on how specific you want to be on your sound. But for that i would need one hella heck of info from what you want with all the little details you can get lol.
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