Hi everyone, I'm new here and I've written a song and I wish to hear some critics to my work so that I can evolve. The song is sort of sad, I wrote it in a bad part of my life. (Ps. I am Portuguese, so please correct any grammer error you see)

I can’t explain
I had it all to gain
Never again I’ll get the chance
To have one last dance
I’ve made mistakes
I can not mend
High were the stakes
I had no more to spend
I lost it all
It was the coldest Fall

I miss our moments
Exchanging stories
Of sadness and glories
Sharing our sentiments
Never imagining
That one day it would end
I’ll never forget the day
That I lost my girlfriend
Always regretting
I can fell you today.

Our love ended
You broke my heart
You left me blooded
What brought us apart?

The question which is driving me insane
Will I ever love again?

Thank you for reading.