today i got off of my aunt a sigma CS-1 guitar, its made by C.F. Martin & Company and was made somewhere between 1994 and 1996 in korea. im not sure but i think new it was somewhere between $200- $400, anyway she said if i fix it i could have it, the nut is missing and the bridge is torn off, i know that the nut can be quite easily replaced, but im a little worried about replacing the bridge. the bridge was torn off because somone put steel strings on it and its a nylon string classical. the bridge wasnt the only damage done by this, there is a slight crack on both sides off the neck where the nut would be, but i believe this can be fixed. Im not sure about doing any of this myself without somehow screwing it up, so im goin to have it be profesionaly done, does anyone here know how much this may cost, because if its any more than around $50-$100 i dont think it will be worth it. please i would like some help with this, because it is a quite beautiful finish, completely flawless in fact and the guitar itself is beuatiful, i would love to have it fixed, if it does ill have 2 nylon strings which would be lovely, if anyone has any thoughts on it, for example how much it would cost, where i could go, or anything else, Thank You -
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At my local shop it costs $50 /hr for labor. If you have any local places that does repair you can go there. I don't know if GC does repair I know they do not do amp repair.
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If a setup costs $50 and they do minor things...
But this is the electric Forum, not Acoustic... And maybe ask GB&C.
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well, I don't know much about Sigmas, but I have an acoustic that was made in the 1970's and it has beautiful sound

but that's all I can tell you pretty much
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just do it yourself. i can tell you right now its gona cos AT LEAST $250 to get it done by a professional. prolly more like 400. but doing it yourself will only cost $10-50(bridge, glues,clamps,...)
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