GREAT vocal. I love the layering of your voice -- it makes the song feel like it's being sung in a bar or pub. The music may be a little overly simple, but you make up for it by building up the vocals towards the end. The song is short and to the point, and I enjoyed it a lot.

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Cool song-idea.
A few pointers; Turn the volume up on the whole track and try to either dub the acoustic or just turn it up aswell.
the song gave me a good feeling because of the melody, you should just expand the whole thing a little bit. Maybe some more male vocals and even a female there somewhere. An accordion would fit very well when you start to build up towards the end.

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I love anything even remotely waltz-ish, so I dug this, haha. You're really good at writing simple, entertaining, enjoyable music. In my book you're 2 for 2. Once again, looking forward to hearing more.

P.S. Your vocals sound much fuller this time around. And yes, I mean when they're not layered, haha.
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Sounds very familiar not that you can copy progressions really.

Pretty upbeat and fun.
And if that's your pornstar mustache +1.
Fun song, I like it, nice acoustic guitar, it sounds cool, (I was born on happy hour, I like it).

The only negative thing about it is the fact that the vocalist (is it you?) doesn't always articulate properly (In the first minute) but other than that small detail, it's a cool song, I can imagine singing it at the "oktober fest" (Beer festival in Germany).

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