I just got into my fist band with drums and was wondering how many watts I would need to play along. Also if you could sugest some amps that would get over drums that would be helpful. I can only go up to $300
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It's an electric bass

Acoustic's just the brand name. It's for electrics. And I also second his opinion.
Yeah, go for that Acoustic. Best amp for your money by FAR. It'll last you a good long while.
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Acoustic is the brand name

good electric bass amps by all accounts

otherwise look second hand
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You know what, I take back my GK suggestion. I'm now in full support of the Acoustic amp.
Well if you have drums and guitars going at once then in my experience it is always a battle to be heard completely clearly. But for a drummer about 150 watts is decent. 100 is less than decent. Anything less is a joke. If you have 300 and must have new I think an Acoustic B100 is the best you'll do. At that price tone doesn't matter as much as volume. If you go used then your options open up quite a lot. If you get really lucky you can get some great stuff with little money. Hell thefitz recently just got a Warwick Vampyre LTD for 200.
i have a 100 watt Ampeg BA-115 gets over drummer just fine, most fo the time im not even half way up on volume.
Try adding more delay.