Did this one a little different. Grabbed the main from one of my practice sessions, then added the fills and bass to it. By far my simplist mixdown yet, only 4 tracks.

Guitar 1 & Vocals (played and sang together 1 take), Guitar 2, Guitar 3 and Bass track.

Can't explain the 'gritty' noises you hear. Maybe I crushed the cable or hit the mic stand or something.

Anyway, check it out. Takes me straight back to the early 90's 'wonder years' when I would just chill out in my dorm room, play my guitar with my feet up on the desk and slowly get stoned.

Lemme know what you think:

Oasis - Wonderwall Acoustic Cover


Thanks guys!
i've performed wonderwall several times as a cover; it's definitely one of my favorites. Plus, everybody knows it so its a good ice breaker between the singer and the crowd. This cover holds pretty true to the original song. It's good quality, but you do some stuff with your voice that sounds a bit peculiar. It's not necessarily the notes — you hit them quite well most of the time. Perhaps a few of the more sustained notes are a bit nasally? Of course that may just be your style. Other than that, this definitely works. You've got quite a few songs up so this one may get lost in the mix but i think people should give it a listen.

If you have time, please crit my cover of "hurt." There's a thread on it or you can just check my profile. Thanks!
thanks for the crit!

I tend to be a bit nasaly. I sometimes use afrin before I sing, this was off a practice session, so I used it.

I'm going to go out on a limb, take the next week to learn the Beatles classic "Yesterday" and do that next I think.

What a simple, yet HARD song to learn. You need dexterity as well as coordination to sing it at the same time, haha. But, you can't get better if you just play comfort songs all the time. I want to master that. Your "Hurt" version kina inspired me to reach to the next level here.

Thanks bud.