this is something that has been in my head a while....

i have a number of pedals, some of which have an eq on them, i also have a boss eq pedal, and theres the standard eq setting on your amp.....

my question is, between my guitar's tone knob, my boss metal zone, my boss eq (compact) and my amp...how do i set a proper eq??

lets say for example i'm going for a metallicas scooped mids sound...
do i set all of them with bass at 7, mids at 2 and trebels at 6??? or do i set them different from eachother?

i have been setting the amp with everything at 12:00, and then made my tonal EQ from my pedals, with my guitar cranked on treble....but realized this isnt the best idea

any infos appreciated
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Have the Metal Zone the way you want it and then put the EQ after it, so you're equalizing the distortion and not distorting the equalization, 'nawmean? Then just EQ it however you like.