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I thought a modeling amps speaker was "voiced" specifically for that amp. Don't they code the software driving the DSP specifically for that speakers dynamics? Are there performance issues when swapping the speaker?
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It's just "Marketing Speak". No performance issues. If anything "voiced specifically" means that our modeling lacks dynamics so we could buy a cheaply made speaker that can't handle dynamics. That last statement was tongue in cheek, much like the marketing guys were being when they wrote "voiced specifically".
One would think that for a modeling amp they would make the speakers have a pretty flat response in attempt do cover the range of sounds a modeling amp would have.
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Its just sales talk so that you think there speaker is a high quality speaker when its not.
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And I think they attempt that, but they fail at it. Coloring tone or not, my Flextone and Vetta's speakers blew balls until I replaced them...just shrill, extremely farty and couldn't handle at all. . Just make sure the usual ohm's/wattage match up and you'll be set.