so its pretty much between those two amps, just about everyone here recommends those two.
all i know that cube 30x don't handle pedals well
which would be the most versatile, i like to play blues-rock-metal, but nothing really heavier than metallica or pantera
I like the cube. It handles all my pedals just fine. don't know about the viper though.
Is Peavey starting all these Vypyr vs.. threads just so they can see everyone recommend Vypyr? The Vypyr is a great amp if you don't have the reliability issues that some people have. I have the 15 and it's a great $100 amp.
i cant say anything about the vypyr being that i've never played it. I have played the cube 30W and it is amazing. The effects are good and the tone is great. Compared to the vypyr, i can recommend either one, but if you had to get the cube, you would not be disappointed.