I was thinking about selling my peavey 5150 II and saving up for a ENGL powerball. What do you guys think? Is this a good decision? I like to be able to play many different genres like Jazz, blues, classic rock, metal, etc. The tone I'm going for most is something around Marty Friedman's tone.
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Well, yeah, if you've played through the Engl with at least your guitar (if not with all the base elements of your rig that you'll be keeping... certain pedal(s), etc.) for long enough to check out all it's tonal capabilities. And... you're pleased with the upgrade in tone. And... it will work for what you need.

...I'm adding to that...it's truly affordable.

My rule for equipment purchases, is that I have to feel certain about it, with minimal, or zero doubt. Otherwise, I keep thinking about it, and I keep looking around, too. It seems to me like your not sure about it. I'd wait.
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Oh, my opinion on those two amps. I had a 5150II for years, I was always happy with it. I think it has an underrated clean channel. At the time, I played a lot of Pink Floyd using pedals and the clean channel and it did great! Which was cool, cuz then I could switch gears and go to the lead channel and jam Van Halen. I call that versatile...
The Engl sounds great, too. Real close to a Soldano Hot Rod and even SLO if you want it to (who wouldn't). But it also gets a little darker. The clean is more than adequate, but nothing outrageously special. It's got four channels, but I've never been able to use that many channels enough to pay for them. And... it does sound at least a little bit warmer when you run through more simple circuitry. However, I'm no tone snob. We're talking fractions of fractions, here. I think the Powerball sounds great, and all in all it'd be a great amp for anyone. In fact, probably more than anyone would actually ever use.