Okay, so I've been playing guitar for awhile. I've noticed something. I hold the pick between my thumb and index finger but I've noticed when I do fast alternate picking licks I put on middle finger (picking hand) on the nail of my index finer. I guess I'm doing this for more strength but is a bad habit or bad technique?
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Do you feel it adding extra tension to your wrist? If it feels that way it will be bad for you most likely, I'm not 100% positive on what you're trying to say though.
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if you press down relatively hard with your middle finger on top of your index, it might give you a little trouble with pinch harmonics because the pick might slip out of your hand.

or not. just something that could happen.
I noticed I do this, never thought much of it however, I am learning a peice that requires use of plectrum and fingers as well, not sure but is this hybred picking (I may be wrong) although I can finger pick ok I found I it very hard to do this technique because I just can't keep my middle finger seperate from my index finger.
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