So this next week i'm buying my new epiphone les paul 100 after trying to play led zep on an acoustic for 2 years. I've been saving for it for half a year and i am pretty psyched. But yesterday by friend said "i'm going to buy my first guitar tommorow." And i said "what guitar are you going to buy?" and he said a GIBSON F*CKING SG! He has been playing for 2 weeks and he buys a 3000$ guitar when i have been playing for 2 years and i am buying a $340 epiphone.

there is no god
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You can get a Gibson SG for $500 or so...you sure he's not getting one of those?
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No, who cares? If he wants to buy a Gibson SG for his first guitar, let him. He'll just look 'cool' with it since is has a Gibson decal on the headstock, but your skill should shut him up.
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I have a secret. A ****ty guitarist with an amazing guitar will still play like ****. It will just have amazing tone. Money cannot buy talent.

meh dont worry about it.i have friends that have muchhhh more expensive gear then me.but guess what.i am better then them.dont let money bring you down just get the basics and rip it.whats more impressive 1000 dollar guitar played crappy or a 200 dollar guitar played amazing?
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You can get an Epi LP for $340?? Yes there is no justice, for in Australia LPs go for at least double that price

i am in aus, allens music has epi les paul 100s for $339, they are out of stock right now so i had to order one.
Very few SGs cost $3000. I paid $600 for mine(used Standard), and it was my first guitar as well. There's nothing wrong with doing that. Just make sure to totally show him up with everything you play so he cries himself to sleep every night.

And post in the EG forum next time!
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Or your friend is a tool. Or he doesn't know what he's doing and he's walking out with a G-400 and an amp he bought because the sales guy said it has crushing overdrive.
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Recently, I sold my old Squier to a friend who was just starting to play. Within a week, he had found a way to f*** it up completely, beyond any hope of repair. So he goes out and buys a FENDER CUSTOM SHOP STRAT.

There is no justice.
Gibson SG for $3000? I don't think so. Let's try under $1000.
And you're right. Because your friend, who happens to have less experience then you, can afford and will purchase a more expensive guitar, That rules out the possibility of their being a God/Allah/Buddah/The Force/Etc.

No one Cares.

The fact of the matter is, It won't make him a better player, So you just continue playing, Then go to his house and play his $3000 Gibson SG and show him a thing or two.
I <3 my Epi SG.

Just sayin'.
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