I guess i'm getting a couple of new pedals and i can't figure out what type of power plug-in they have.....currently i only have a Boss ds-1 and they have the regular male end on it.

I'm getting an MXR Carbon copy, Vox Wah, and an EHX Small clone. Do all three use the same plug-in style as boss pedals or do they use the inputs like headphones or guitar cables...can't describe any better.

I'm just wondering if the power supply i plan on getting needs special plug-ins or if a simply daisy chain can power all.
They do make power supplies for pedal boards, that have all the common connections, and you can hook up multiple pedals at once.
ya i know, but the more basic ones are a little cheaper and don't come with 'unique' connections. That is why i'm wondering if i need to buy a more expensive one because one of the stated pedals has a different plug-in style.
most pedals are 9v and if the'ye not they are 18v. I'm not 100% sure but I think that all the pedals you listed are 9v so you should be fine.
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I'm pretty sure that Vox Wahs only take batteries so you needn't worry about that one.

Edit: I was wrong... The 847-A can run off the mains.
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