I have been tweaking the Metal Zone for a while now and came across this information in the manual.

"When the middle LEVEL control knob is set to the center position, the middle FREQUENCY control knob does not affect the sound."

I am puzzled with what they mean by this. What frequency are you operating on when the LEVEL control knob is in the center?

Is it the frequency that was selected before the LEVEL knob was set to center, or is it a default frequency?
basically, the frequency knob changes the specific frequency that the middle level knob adjusts. but if the middle level is in the middle, its not adjusting anything, so changing what it would adjust does nothing

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the frequency nob changes which frequency the mid nob changes... if the mid nob is at 0 it's neither boosting not reducing the sound at that frequency, so it makes no difference what the frequency is
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