Im learnin to play and that book is great but i dont have the Cd to play along with? Any suggestions??????????????
get a version with the cd?

bah, never mind the bollocks...

in addition to this book, get "the complete idiot's guide to music theory" and the same brand's "'guide to composing". Make sure to get the newest revisions.
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Use less question marks, and get a new book. Or but another version that actually has the CD.
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i'm pretty sure were thinking about the same cd. A co-worker knew i played guitar and burnt it for me. It's VERY VERY basic. If you have been playing for a month you would know everything on it except maybe the fingerpicking demo which was pretty sparse. I wasn't really impressed with it.

If you are just starting out I would go to justinguitar.com instead. Its alot better.
THanks ive only been playing for a few weeks i was mostly wanting to play along with the basics and with the folk section
and thanks for the site suggestion im checkin it out now the only reason i was wanting to use the book is because i live in the stone ages with no interweb at home, for the most part i just get on here during class.