I'm planning on getting a microcube RX and I was wondering if pedals sound good going through it. I have a Digitech RP50.
well I can't try it out cause none of the stores near me have the microcube RX and I'm going to buy it online.

anyone else have experience with this?
even with a microcube and a pedal, cause the microcube and microcube rx are pretty much the same.
I know that my microcube hates my overdrive. But I don't have any other effects to test it with.

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Rule of thumb:
Modeling amps like the Microcube do not take pedals well.
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Hmm, I have a Cube 60 and adding more digital processing through the already digital amp modeling does not sound good, in my opinion. So I would have to say no, sorry
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Rule of thumb:
Modeling amps like the Microcube do not take pedals well.

Exactly. You buy a MicroCube because it's small and transportable and because it already has a bunch of built-in effects and models. And because you can run it off 6 AA batteries for 20+ hours.

If you do try to use pedals with one, you need to use the amp clean.

But it's kinda like putting a turbo-charged V8 engine into a Volkswagen Bug. You just don't do that!

The MicroCube RX is just a MicroCube with slightly larger speakers (I think it's a 4x10 centimeter, right?). This amp is geared towards buskers who need a bit more oomph in the subway when they're playing for money. But have you ever seen a busker using a pedal? No, it doesn't happen.
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