i have been playing for 2 years on an acoustic and i'm buying my first electric (les paul) and i wondered if it was easier on an electric. particularly barre chords
i think electric easier, just it sounds different, and should have lighter gauge strings than acoustic.

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classical acoustic is harder other than that....electric is easier and sounds better (my opinion)
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I think he means physically, not in technique, camhuss.

I'd say acoustic, higher string gauge and often higher action.
Electric guitars are almost easier to play, cause you can always turn the volume up louder.

The action is usually better for electrics too.
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Acoustic's generally have a thicker string gauge so its harder to fret then an eletric (as I've heard and experienced) and my acoustic gets in the way of playing anything above fret 14.....

I would say Acoustic is harder, and you'll enjoy your electric
Electrics are easier. Will you get better technique? Probably not. Only hard side of it... narrower fretboard, you might bump the string next to you, but who didn't do that when they learned acoustic anyways?

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Anyway... physically, the acoustic guitar is harder to play. Stylistically, both are equally hard.
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