No idea, from my own experience looking at news stands, I'd say they all have a chance at a ****e issue now and then.

I will say I've bought more Guitar World Than anything else.
Guitar World!!!!!!
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Guitar Player. They don't have songs tabbed out in them. But they have lots of lessons, gear reviews, and they cover all styles.
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In UK its Total Guitar, has a good balance of interviews, new and old music to play, and gear reviews...

Guitarist magazine focuses mainly on the gear, and doesnt improve your playing much...

Guitar Techniques is just too overwhelming and full of tabs I dont want to play.

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I subscribe to Guitar World and I like it a lot. There may be better, but I can find lessons on the internet.
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I'm thinking about subscribing to Guitar World since every time I go to a book store or convenient store, I usually look at the latest issue. So, I guess Guitar World seems like a good choice to me.
I read mainly Total Guitar and the guitarist in the UK. Gives a good mix of reviews, technique and general interest stuff.
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i subscribe to guitar world and love it but lately it seems like they have been focusing a little too much on metal and not nearly enough on rock, alternative, and acoustic stuff.. still a great mag tho.
Play Guitar Magazine was an excellent resource for the beginning student. Acoustic Guitar and Guitar World amongst other publications have very complicated transcriptions that even many advanced players can't follow. Play Guitar Magazine marketed their magazine very aggressively, as I received free copies of the magazine, so I could give them to my students. I'm not sure why they weren't successful. Maybe their image was too wholesome and generic. In any case, their arrangements were simple yet authentic sounding.
Play Guitar Magazine
I really enjoy Guitar World. I admit though it's not the best mag and would probably appeal to beginners and Intermediates than advanced players....
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