I'm looking for a program that converts videos (avi, etc.) to something that I can put on my zune (wmv, whatever) but everything that I have found loses quality. Mostly the videos become pixelated even when being shrunk to a lower quality.
The worst part is that the sound is worse on all of the programs that I've tried.

any suggestions or help?
"Videora iPod classic Converter"

But as far as I know you can use if for stuff other than ipods obviouslly. You can choose a ton of video types and stuff.

Edit: Oooops I think I was thinking of the other program I used to use. Which I can't find. Sorry
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I use SUPER video converter, It's the only converter I've ever used so I don't really have anything to compare it to but I've never really had a problem with videos getting pixelated or bad sound.

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i use isquint but i think its only for mac? yeah its prob the best converter out there
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i use Xilisoft which is pretty nice. of course it costs money. if you want it though, there are ways to get it for free, which i cant tell you about since it is against the rules.
Total Video Converter: I use this, and it is the best converting program I've ever used, it does so much.

It costs money, but that shouldn't be a problem if you know where to... get things... (You'll need the full thing, as the Free Version is really bad, it has too many limitations.)