Does anyone know of any good, FREE guitar amp software programs that I could download for a better distortion tone than what I'm getting with my sucky 4 watt walmart practice amp right now? I can plug my guitar directly into my computer.
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GuitarFXBox is one which has an expansive free version. probably better tone than your walmart, but still pretty crappy.
Waves GTR Solo...it's free for one year http://www.wavesgtr.com/html/product_gtr_solo.html

EDIT: Also Peavey Revalver MKIII the demo version. You can't load or save presets so you'll have to tweak the amps and pedals yourself, and there's a slight static noise every minute or so. Those are the demo limitations, it doesn't have a time limit which is good...if you need help with it go to http://www.guitarampmodeling.com/. It's great for just practicing, but you need the full version for serious recording.
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