it is infact ok to use two different humbuckers on a guitar right?

also are there any major wiring differences between Squire single coils and humbuckers

is the volume knobs audio Pot supposed to be in the 70K ohm range rather than the two tone Pots that are at 250K ohms? Or, are all three pots supposed to be the same?
Yes, you can use two different humbuckers on a guitar. I had my old guitar set up like that. The difference between single coils and humbuckers is that the buckers use 500k tone pots. Yes, the volume and tone pots are supposed to be different.
thanks also they dont have the neck i need in stock (im modding a strat)
would it be possible to lightly convert my guitar to use a tele neck?
im being kinda cheap with this, so warmoth is outa my price range, im spending $200 on the whole settup including the neck if i can get the right one
With warmoth necks, which i believe are licensed replacement necks or something for strats and teles, the only difference is rounded vs square. Assuming thats correct then all you should have to do is round off the heel of the tele neck.

You should probably do a bit of research before you possibly ruin the neck though.
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Teles and strats have different neck pockets. Most people that do put Tele necks on Strats will alter the body as oppossed the neck. Its more probably more work than you'd care to do since I'm assuming you've not done much on reshaping bodies and guitars. Just hold out for the Strat neck. Tele necks and strat necks also have different feels.

For humbuckers you should use 500k pots on the volume. Tone could be either 500 or 250. There are subtle differences between the two as far as which sound more "open".

As far as wiring differences, Yes and No:
Many humbuckers are 4 conductors as opposed to a single coil which would be just a Hot and a Ground
If you are only using 2 pickups (a neck hum and a bridge hum) you would need a new selector switch. Unless you go into coil taps.