Title says it all. I got sick of the lack of musos at my school so i posted and replied to a few ads on the net. I found a few people and I'm about to post another ad on another forum.

I found a singer and a guitarist/bassist who are willing to start a band. The problem is they both live 50 Kilometers away from me. Ones 50 Ks to my north and the others almost 65 Ks to my south. Thats around a 30 minute train ride for each of them. Not to mention getting their gear to practices would be a nightmare.

Not worth it man. A 30 minute drive would be fine, but having to get a train that far isn't worth it. Unless you can arrange for everyone to comfortably meet at one place for practices it's not worth it cause it gets too hard. If you can find a place to rehearse that's not too far from you then maybe it would be ok.
I drive an hour to rehersals, and I agree it sucks particulary finishing at 11pm then having to drive all the way home and unload your gear. But its my choice, having to catch the train with your gear would suck though. Wouldnt do it if i couldnt drive

EDIT: Haha should have guessed you were a fellow Perthling
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oo that sucks..had same problem here so i ditched em and found new fellas who live in the 10 km radius
It's one of the sacrifices that you have to make for great music. I'd say it's worth it.
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Problem solved.

I'd rather not. Bitchy neighbours, annoying sister and the room we'd jam in has pretty bad acoustics and it would be too cramped.

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