I took my guitar in to have some buzzing sound fixed, and was told it would take about a week to fix.

I have been playing 7 weeks, is this going to seriously throw back my progression, or worse, cause me to lose my callouses?

= /
No, it'll be fine. Surprising the tech wants a week to do an hour's work, though.
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I went without mine for 6 days around the same time. (I'm coming up to three months now). By that time my fingers had toughened up a fair bit. My callouses might have softened up slightly but it was largely inconsequential I think. I missed the guitar but not problems when I picked her up again.
Tell the repair shop that you really, really need it back badly. Call twice a day. .
It's a squire strat. I brought it in and told the woman it was just having some buzz on the A string, and I read to just tighten/loosing the screws near the base to raise the action, but didn't want to because I might void the warranty in case something actually goes wrong. She said she would take care of it and they'd give me a call in about a week. = /
Lucky you, my Gibby will have been at the shop for 4 weeks tommorow because my dog chewed on the headstock and im having another pickup installed... So I went from Gibby back to Epi SG Special and it SUCKS!!! I would have just done the set-up myself if it was just raising the action a week is crazy...
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