Hey Guys, im new to posting and stuff like that. although ive been reading posts for a long time.

ok so here's my dilemma. not quite a month ago i bought a new amp. a Randall RH150G3+. the distortion was, hm ok i guess but i needed something more. so i bought myself a Electro-Hamonix Metal Muff. ever since i bought the amp, i can hear this sort of "crackling" noise when i hit a note. its alot more noticeable on the higher strings and with the big amount of gain from the MM its driving me crazy, its not my guitar(s) because ive tried it with 3 guitars and each are the same.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
Why would you buy a metal muff when your amp has plenty of gain? That is just silly.
Describe this crackling noise.


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Sounds like a warranty return to me.
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well i got a metal muff because i didn't like the gain on the amp, very muddy, anyway, when i strum a note for example, it will sort of crackle and when you let it ring it out it does the same, i dont know how to explain it really.. i could do a sound sample if necassary. btw the guitar im using is an ibanez MTM1 with active pups n ive tried it also with a jackson JS-20 Dinky with passive stocks pups and a Westone something or other, and im running it through a matching RA412XC cab
UPDATE: i tried out the pedal and leads with my ibanez today at school on a Roland Cube 30x. and it sounded WORSE. argh so frustrating! the notes dont ring out properly at all. the power chords just sound like bad crackly fuzzy distortion