For a few months now my PC speakers have been popping like mad and it's driving me crazy. I use the speakers on the PC a lot and I need to address this issue. The speakers are fine for about the first 5 minutes after turning the PC on but then it progressively gets worse to the point of just constant popping at like 200bpm.

It's not the speakers as I've changed them 3 times and it did stop for a period last week (there was no popping at all for a few days and I had the speakers turned on for about 2 hours at a time). I have a Orange wireless box on my desk as well, I'm not sure if it is the root of the problem.

Can anybody pleasee offer any help?

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probably the orange box OR you've created a feedback loop somehow in your pc....
try turning off the sound from the pc itself, and then check the mixer options (i assume you've got them, i cnt remember waht xp was like though =[)
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I thought the thread title was "Sneakers popping"

I thought "finally! someone who shares my pain!"

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I don't the same thing happened to me but I replaced them and everything was dandy.
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