I've got a american made telecaster, line 6 amp with 2x12s.

What I'd like to do is create a setup where I can plug my guitar in, put on headphones, and play along to an MP3.
Ideally, I'd like to be able to simulate playing with my amp on 10 (or "11") with headphones. I'm noticing that little effects possible on loud volume disappear when the guitar volume is turned down...if possible I don't want to lose that in this headphone setup.

I have a spare laptop I could use in this setup as well.

Any advice?
On headphones? Gagets to simulate my guitar being louder? On the MP3 element?

I had this same problem.I wanted to use my small tube amp with headphones.But no headphone jack.You can get what they call a headphone amp/Enhancer.I found one used for 30 bucks at Guitar Center.It runs through the effects loop or input.It's called Axe Box(AXBX1) made by crate.Just keep in mind,your gonna need good headphones.Also lets you plug and play ipod,cd player ect.
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