I found a MI Audio Blues Pro on a website, used, €90 (maybe can haggle a bit down). I watched some reviews and it sounds real nice, but a wanted to get some more opinions. What do you think of it, and how does it compare to my Fulltone Full-drive 2 and my MI Audio Crunchbox? It sounded a lot fatter, darker on the demo's?

Opinions please
You could have seen this in the pedalboard thread, but I didn't get any responses so I thought I'd make a thread so people who wouldn't normally go into the pedalboard thread could still answer my question!
haha, i know i responded somewhere. or i'm going crazy.

but i replied in the MI Audio group also.


i'm not crazy!

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I'm thinking of buying a MI Audio Blues Pro, is it a good buy? How does it compare to my Crunchbox (thinking of selling it) or my Full-drive?

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well, seeing as how the blue pro is an OD, it will have less bite, but more smooth-ness than the Crunchbox.

doubledoseofaddendum: so thats how you wound up in the group.
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