I found an old olllllld set. It looks like they're from when EMG first started, haha.... one says EMG 60, which I found on guitar center. But the other says EMG 58, and I couldn't find that one. I looked on the EMG website, and there wern't any audio samples.

Basically, what's the significance of my find, and how does the 58 sound?

''The EMG-58 BLACK - The EMG-58 is one of EMG's original humbucking designs that was abandoned because it was too noisy. The 58 has a bit of hum to it, but has a classic tone that is fat and round. Perfect as a rhythm and blues pickup, the 58 has loads of output, similar to a P-90, only not muddy.''
Pics or it didn't happen.
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Good deal dude. Free guitar related stuff is always good. Even if you don't like them, you can sell them and buy some that you do like. I heard the 58 is similar to the 85. The 60...all i know about the 60 is James Hetfield uses one as a neck pickup.
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^what soul eater said, pics, but you lucky bastard if that did happen, install those immediatly
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haha, when I put them in I'll show you the pics.

So I should install the 60 in the neck and 58 in the bridge?
I wish I could find random vintage pick-ups in my basement
Pics of them as well, since we've been enlightened into what it is exactly?
I'd personally keep the 60 for the neck
......lucky bastard
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