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be serious!

if you dont think so then suggest another guitar for its price

ive already bought a rolandcube30X and ive got an acoustic guitar and i want to move on to electric
i probably will play mostly alternative and indie rock i'll play anything but metal really
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Well, is it your first guitar?
And what's your amp?

EDIT: Squiers are all right IMO, but there may be something better for what you play.
What genres/bands do you want to play?
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If it's a first guitar, you'll do fine with it. You might wanna look into squier starter packs in that case too, 'cos you'll get an amp that way too, for the same price.
From my experience with squiers, they tend to be pretty good quality and have nice tone if the pickups are decent (which a lot of them are).
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Squiers are fine guitars, theres nothing wrong with them. Unless you could be spending hundreds and hundreds then theres nothing to worry about, especially as a first electric. They should compliment the Cube quite well, too.
Honestly, i wouldnt get that guitar because they drive up the price solely on the basis that it is a limited/special edition. Your better off getting a regular fender for the same price.
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Just get a squier bullet instead. They're only 100$ and aren't any worse than the squier you're looking at.
id rather get a standard squier dont bullets have really bad quality?
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i was thinkin about gettin this as my next guitar too
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Looks good to me. If I were you I just wouldn't use the trem bar unless you're really willing to spend a lot of time fiddling with things like regularly lubricating the nut, taking off the string trees and other tricks that people with Fender style bridges have to do to their bridges in order to be able to go crazy with them.
About a month ago i bought a Squier Black and Chrome Special Telecaster and it is VERY good it exceded my expectations so I say go for it
The guitar is pretty awesome. The body is slimmer than other Strats, the neck is non-sticky and small, but the only thing I would complain about are the electronics. The pickups are not that bad, but they are extremely noisy and trebly.