anyone have lesson to help me improved playing one string at a time . i never really practice that stuff cause i just dont know what to practice . i can play hundreds of punk rock song , metallica stuff like creeping death and master of puppets . anything fast and powerchords . some slayer riff too ..

but ask me to play one string at a time riff like weezer - surf wax america and i cant

it can be song or routine /warm up to help building this . video would be great . how did you improve this .

feel weird when i can play fast downstroke palmmuting like metallica stuff , but cant play whats my age again intro by Blink 182

i totally need help playing one string at a time .
so if anyone can help with song /routine suggestion ... would be really great .

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Nothing Else Matters, Fade to Black by Metallica (the intro solo to Fade to Black is pretty good for what you're asking)

Sweet Child O Mine, perfect to practice picking and string skipping

btw what you're looking for is not arpeggios, just licks. Arpeggios play the notes of a chord one at a time and one after the other.
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All my mates played Streets of London, fingerpick style. I couldn't do that but I could get the same by waving the pick around, slowly at first, but gradually getting better, faster and more accurate at it.
Badge is good, too.
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Californication by RHCP and Under the Bridge.

those both have a lot of chords... I'd say otherside by rhcp and maybe Around the world
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those both have a lot of chords... I'd say otherside by rhcp and maybe Around the world

but they also have arpeggios