Right i'll start with a bitch first (get it out the way )

Deathstars issues

Right i'm not sure how many people care about them as a band (i suspect it isn't a lot ) but for those people who do play along with them and their music will notice the tabs aren't really right (due to tuning). For some bizarre reason people writing the tabs don't know the correct tuning but I'll shed some light for you (because I'm really nice )

Deathstars have stated that they use C F A# D# G C rather then C G C F A D, that many people seem to believe . The tabs themselves aren't that off you just change the tuning and correct your fingering (just like playing a standard tuning powercord). It also makes tabbing their stuff a whole lot easier.

By the way they only use this tuning for Termination Bliss and Night Electric Night albums. As for Synthetic Generation they use B (what ever that means )

(I suppose this is the lighter bit)
I have tabbed out Death Dies Hard if anyone is interested. I'm not sure if UG will except the correct tuning though.

Peace out Zombies
I love Deathstars! And I noticed this but I suck at tabbing so yeah :P

Good stuff for pointing that out