I'm working on a project with a Squier body and I'm switching all the pickups out. I really want a Tele type sound so could I just take the neck pick up from a Tele pickup set and just not at all use the bridge one?

On a different note. Can you guys give me ideas on what other pickups I should put on my guitar? It's a project so all ideas are appreciated and I want kind of an eclectic sound on it too. Thanks guys!
How much was the guitar?
Because it sounds to me you're trying to mod a crap/cheap guitar which will undoubtably have loads more things effecting the sound like the wood it's made of.
Well it's a Squier so yeah, it's made of less than good quality wood. However, the wood a guitar is made of isn't the only factor that goes into the tone. It's an electric guitar so by me doing something to the electronics of it will improve the tone more than the poplar wood will decline it.
teles sound they way they do mainly because of the bridge, the metal around the bridge pickup affects the magnets, making it tawngyer. that's why most country electric guitarists use tele's, twang.
Yeah. I realized that the bridge pickup gave it that Tele twang sound. But if I took that off and just used that single coil would I still have the warm sound that the Tele has, just without the twang?

What I just really want to know is, could I just take that bridge pickup out and use the single coil?
You don't seem to be making sense to me, so sorry. Tele pickups are single coils. Tele neck pickups are quite warm and bridge pickups are fairly twangy/bright. Why buy a set and only use 1 pickup? Also, is it a tele you want to put it in? If not, your going to have a bit of trouble getting a pickguard to fit. If it is, then whats wrong with the stock.

And Pickups make a much smaller difference to tone than you may think.
Thanks Supergerbil. It's just that I can only find Tele coil sets. I'm trying to put it in a SSS Strat type body. Also, in your opinion would putting this much work in a body that used to part of a Squier be a waste? I've talked to some people and they just said screw it, it sounds like a fun project. And I know that if you chamber a guitar it doesn't give a huge difference in tone. If taking the insides of the body out doesn't make too much of a difference could this whole project and the future tone of this guitar be wrecked by the quality of the wood? I really want to know because I'm really hyped on this project and I don't want to dump copious amounts of money into a bottomless pit.