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i was just curious, for ive seen multiple ways.
bending up on D the string - i bend down

what way do you do it? and is there a proper way?

*im not looking for this to become a massive thread, so dont just say fail ur retarded and leave.
i would like to know!

**electric guitar forum?..i dunno
i bend down for single bends and up and down to make it "shimmer" not sure of the real word, bass btw
i bend the thickest string up and the thinnest down
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I bend so the strings get out of the fretboard and makes that "buzz!" sound. It's bro0otalz
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I bend so the strings get out of the fretboard and makes that "buzz!" sound. It's bro0otalz

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there is no proper way, just the kind of sound you want to achieve, I normally bend up for the first 4 strings, and down for the last 2.
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Bend both ways to create a vibrato. But usually up.
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On the E, A and occasionally D it will be a downwards bend but normally on the higher 3 it will be upwards.

Down on all, except the high E
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I bend down on E, A and D and bend up on G, B and e, however if i'm playing a lick that involves bending the G before moving to the D string i bend the G down
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I find that I can **** more strings over by bending towards me.
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If I'm bending single strings, I bend up except for the low E string. If I'm bending more than one string, I bend down.
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I bend all strings both up and down, it's a different feeling and sound depending on how a string is bent.
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