Hi guys! I have decided to put together stomp boxes for distortion and effects. Tube amps are really costly and not available that easily in my country. So the next best thing to tube amps was pedals. I have put together a list of pedals. Gimme your views and recommendations about it.

Boss Metalcore ML-2 Distortion (still confused between this and the MT-2!)
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppresor
Boss LS-2 Line Selector (to switch from clean to drive and vice versa)

Lemme tell you that this pedal board will be all that i will be using for distortion. I wont be using it for boosting the drive from an amp. I will be playing a lot of metalcore like Killswitch Engage and stuff in drop c.
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First see if you actually need the noise supressor before you buy it.
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