Unfortunately I can't upload pics because all my cameras are ****ed.

One is an Encore JHS 2B, it has 1 mini humbucker and worked until the strings snapped. I know the names but I can't find anything else about it.

The other is more interesting. Its a P bass, 2 tone sunburst with a black pickguard, what looks like vintage fender machine heads and a standard precision bridge. The problem is, the neck has been replaced so there's no logo or code on so I can't be sure what it is. The routing goes all the way from the pickup to the jack with no gap like in most P basses.

It's like that but without the ashtrays (though the screwhols for them are there), without the thumbrest (no screwholes) and covered in scratched and flecks of paint.
Encore (built by John Hornby Skewes company, hence the JHS) generally makes budget guitars and basses, I've got an old Encore Strat copy, they're alright for their small price tags but usually nothing to rave about.

The P-Bass could be ANYTHING.

Is there any way of you getting us pictures?
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