Hi there!

I just got my very first guitar yesterday! Really excited to finally start playing and learning learning and learning..Got the pain in my fingers already! Ouch!

But when I tried to tune it yesterday I broke the lower E string so now I have some questions for you guys as I am totally lost here..

I have a acoustic Yamaha FG700MS with steelstrings.

#1. When replacing only one string do I have to get the same kind of string or brand?
#2. If so how do I know what I have...anywhere I can find out what the FG700MS comes with?
#3. When buying a totally new set of strings, what to get? I just have no idea as there is so many strings..Is there any difference in how thick they are? Does thinner sound lighter?
#4. And what does light / medium / hard mean?
#5. For a beginner is there any preference to go with to make it easy for me to learn?

Thanks for any help on any point out there!!
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your a beginner so lighter strings would be good (probably 10's), doesnt have to be same brand just right guage
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Extra lights would be the easiest to play for a beginner, easier to press down. Get cheap strings until you figure out how to tune and change strings and do proper maintenance to your guitar. The cheap martin strings sound pretty good for the price.

Once you get to where you can take care of your guitar, get D'Addario EXP phosphor bronze. These stings sound amazing on my Breedlove. Alot of people will probably recommend Elixir strings. Personally, I think they take all the bottom end out of your sound, on an acoustic anyways.
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Ernie Ball is my string company of choice. I recommend them to anyone because they are quite comfortable on the hands, in my opinion.